Security & Tracking Systems

Security & Tracking Systems

We are pleased to be a Vodafone / Cobra Installer of Car Alarms and Tracking Systems. There is an extensive range of Cobra Alarms which enable us to fit the most appropriate unit for your vehicle the majority of which are Insurance approved since we are a “Thatcham Recognised Installer”.

It is mandatory for all new vehicles in the UK to be fitted with an immobilizer. Since each vehicle model is fitted in exactly the same way professional thieves can hire a vehicle of the type they wish to steal which will allow them to calculate how to disable the immobilizer before the theft attempt. Adding an alarm can overcome this problem.

If your car already has remote central locking the alarm can be incorporated into that to avoid the necessity of extra remotes. If not the alarm can make the locking of the vehicle remote instead of relying on the key. 
There are two main types of tracking systems. 
One is monitored by a secure centre, to locate and recover vehicles after they have been stolen. These are sometimes seen as being more effective than alarms since the thief is not aware of their presence and is therefore less likely to damage the vehicle trying to disable the alarm.

These come in two categories:
This is the basic system which allows the Monitoring centre to liaise with the police to trace and recover the vehicle after a theft has been detected or notified.
Is mostly used for high value vehicles where thieves are more likely to consider hijacking the vehicle. The Category 5 Trackers come with a tag system which automatically alerts the monitoring centre if the vehicle is started or moved without the tag being present, and also has the capability of remotely immobilizing the vehicle.
The other type is fleet management tracking, which allows the vehicle or vehicles to be tracked live on a computer which enables vehicle to be operated more efficiently since it allows vehicle movements to be tracked and details of how the vehicle is being used i.e. speed, engine running when parked etc, and the Fleet manager to take any corrective action necessary.

At RCA we use several different Tracking system manufacturers which enables us to provide the best systems for the individual owner / vehicles. All RCA installations are insurance (Thatcham) approved our engineers have been trained by the system manufacturers.

The latest trend in vehicle theft is for thieves to steal the vehicle by accessing the O B D port of the vehicle. Professional car thieves will take advantage of the latest technology to steal valuable vehicles.

One way of safely combating this is the GHOST Non Detectable immobilizer from Autowatch Ltd. It does not use radio signals or keys to operate. Diagnostics cannot be used to detect circuit cuts since the Ghost does not have any because the Ghost communicates with the vehicle ECU via the data bus.
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