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Accident DVR Cameras

The latest in-car camera technology to keep you safer on the road; dash cams are designed to allow you to record a multitude of factors that protect you from fraudulent insurance claims. One of the many benefits of having a dashboard camera is protecting your no-claims bonus, should you have an accident.

You can simply download the recorded footage from your camera and hand it over to the police or insurance company. In addition to the more pragmatic reasons for owning a car cam you can also use it for capturing scenic footage from holidays and still images using a snapshot-type feature.

A British insurer is offering customers a 10% discount if they install a camera in their car. The discount will mean an average initial saving of £33 a year, according to, with further savings possible if the camera helps prove the driver was not responsible for a crash. Depending on the application you can also have a rear camera on the same system.

At RCA we hard-wire these so that the wiring cannot be seen and does not drape untidily over the dashboard on its way to the power point.

Silent Witness SW010

One of our most popular units

RAC Dash Camera

Silent Witness SW022

Dual camera front plus view of inside of vehicle ideal for Taxis and private hire vehicles.

Silent Witness SW013

Has a rear camera facility
A Typical Specification:
  • Front-facing HD DVR & crash cam with built-in display.
  • Powered windscreen mount, with quick release for the camera unit.
  • Constant recording; records the whole journey
  • G-sensor collision crash file; storing a small file that records a 20 second audio and video recording of 10 seconds before and after the incident.
  • Video footage provides date, time and GPS location stamps (it can also record audio.)
  • Built in 16GB memory, will take up to 32GB card
  • Software to view google journey map and driving statistics (route, speed, etc.)
  • Powered by a cigarette socket charger.
  • Can be professionally installed to hide wiring and to auto on/off with the ignition.
  • Compatible with both 12v & 24v vehicles.
  • PC software ONLY.
PLEASE NOTE: You are able to view the footage on MAC, but not use the software.
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