Dash Cams can save you money

  • By Keith Dipper
  • 24 Aug, 2017

Here is a picture of a dash cam in a Ford Focus

Dash Cams can save money because many insurance claims are settled on a 50% 50% basic when you cannot prove it was not your fault. A Dash Cam fitted by RCA will record cases of accidents so you can use the video to prove you were not at fault and get a full pay-out from the Insured.

RCA have take this picture from the passenger side since it is mounted discretely so it does not distract the driver. You can see the view via the windscreen and on the Dash Cam Screen.  At RCA we have a choice of models from manufacturers such as Black Vue, RCA and Silent Witness so we are able to give you a choice.  If you already have a Dash Cam we can install it own unit so it is permanently connected and the wiring is hidden. 

By Keith Dipper 22 Jan, 2018
The Kenwood DMX7017DABS is fast becoming our best seller. We believe this is because it combines all the attributes of a 7" touch screen with radio cd and bluetooth with Apple Car Play and Android auto so even if a family have different makes of smart phone they can play their apps on the 7017. This enables them to utilize the navigation app on their phone and others such as Spotify. We have a unit in the shop so we can demonstrate it with the customers own phone.
By Keith Dipper 17 Jan, 2018
This customer had a tape deck in his car and had been told it could not be replaced since the fascia to do was not available. Since he has been one of our customers for a long time we told him we would try and fabricate a new fascia .
This turned out to be more difficult than we imagined since after we had made the fascia it then had to be wrapped to match the existing wood finished surround. We believe that you can see from the pictures that we were successful. The customer was delighted. He can now play the music from his phone and had a hands free phone connection, added to which he can also listen to the Sport on the Dab radio.

By Keith Dipper 17 Jan, 2018
The Kenwood DNX7170DABS has a 7" Touch screen which makes using the Navigation and Telephone very easy. You can connect two phones which is useful if you have a personal and business phone. Added to which "Apple-CarPlay" and "android-auto" are pre-installed along with a "spotify" link . Other useful features such as front and rear camera input and dash cam link help to make this a really useful unit.
By Keith Dipper 05 Jan, 2018
The Alpine iLX-702D is a high specification digital media receiver. It can integrate with the vehicle data-bus depending on the vehicle model. Both "Apple-car-play" and "Android Auto" are built in as well as "a "Spotify" link. Standard capabilities such as bluetooth, Dab radio,USB , HDMI and A/V  inputs are also incorporated.
By Keith Dipper 31 Oct, 2017
Apart from looking attractive The DMX 7017 adds desirable features such as Dab radio, Apple Car Play, and reversing camera to make driving don the motorway a lot less boring
By Keith Dipper 27 Oct, 2017
Apart from providing a reversing camera the Pioneer AVH Z5000 also adds Digital Radio (DAB) to the Porsche Cayenne.
Another good feature is it has Apple Car Play and Android Auto to play apps from a smart phone which include Navigation. Almost standard features such as Hands free phone and music playing are also included. 
By Keith Dipper 24 Oct, 2017
We at RCA think the Kenwood Dnx8170Dabs improves the look of the Carrera dashboard (but we might be biased). However it does add features that were not originally available such as Touch Screen Navigation, Hands free phone calls, Digital (Dab) radio, Apple car play, Android Auto, rear camera and DVD player. It also maintains Normal Fm radio and Cd player.
By Keith Dipper 18 Oct, 2017
The Kenwood DMX7017Dab is fast becoming our more popular unit. We believe this is because this is due to its smart appearance and flexibility to provide an all round entertainment system.
By Keith Dipper 17 Oct, 2017
The Kenwood DMX7017Dabs enables a variety of entertainment . Digital Radio, Apple Car play, Music Streaming from your iPhone, Navigation via the Car Play Apps, and of course Hands-free bluetooth phone calls. It also has links to "Spotify" ,"Android Auto" , USB input and camera input making it a comprehensive system

By Keith Dipper 13 Oct, 2017
The Avic F980Dab from Pioneer fitted nicely into the Hyundai  IX35. Apart from Dab radio, DVD, Navigation it also shows the picture from the rear camera when reversing.
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