Audi RS6 now fitted with a Cat 5 Tracking System

  • By Keith Dipper
  • 06 Jul, 2016

Category 5 Tracking system fitted to Audi RS6

At RCA Cheadle we had the opportunity to have a good look at a brand new Audi RS6 when we had it in the garage to fit a Thatcham Cat 5 tracking system. Insurance companies are increasingly likely to insist on a Category 5 tracking system being fitted to expensive cars such as the Audi RS6 . The Thatcham Category 5 tracking system has special personal tags and if these are not present when the car is started or moved the system immediately alerts the monitoring centre to track the vehicle movements. The police can then authorise the engine to be immobilised  when it is safe to do so.

By Keith Dipper 17 Aug, 2017
Although is was not our easiest installation the result proved to be  worth the effort. The owner was delighted he now has a unit suitable to integrate his IPhone and has Dab radio so he can listen to all the Sport.
By Keith Dipper 08 Aug, 2017
This shows an economic solution to replace the original Double Din unit in the VW Touran. The pocket blends nicely with the facia kit to give an attractive finish. The KMM 502DAB does not have a CD players as it is designed for those people who have all their music on their IPhone and thus saves the problem of CD's floating around the vehicle.
By Keith Dipper 08 Aug, 2017
RCA Installed the Kenwood DDX8016DAB which enables the owner to run Google maps on the screen via "Apple Car Play". "Apple Car Play" also runs any "Apple" apps on the customers IPhone/IPod.  Basic operations such as CD/DVD player Dab Radio and Bluetooth Hands Free Phone are also available to make this a really good system.
By Keith Dipper 27 Jul, 2017
The Kenwood DMX7017DAB allows the use of Android Apps (Android Auto) and Apple apps (Apple car Play) apart from giving you Hands Free Phone Calls and Dab Radio. The reasonable price range has meant that it is one of RCA's most popular units.
By Keith Dipper 25 Jul, 2017

We at RCA were pleased with the look of this once fitted and so was our customer. He can now use his IPhone in the car and be completely legal.

He can use "Apple Car Play" to use all his "Apple" apps on the large touch screen.

By Keith Dipper 21 Jul, 2017
The customer was well pleased with this installation. He now has Dab Radio, Hands free Bluetooth, Apple Car Play. and Android Auto which he did not have before.
By Keith Dipper 28 Jun, 2017

Looking for DAB radio? Look for the “Tick Mark” this indicates that the radio fulfils the correct specification. Authorised DAB installers also gain “Tick Mark” so be sure you get both. RCA only sell accredited stereos and our Installers have all been trained to the correct level. Thus we can also display the Tick mark/

By Keith Dipper 26 Jun, 2017

Our customer had added rear seats to his Mercedes Sprinter and now wanted to show DVD's and TV to his passengers. The answer was a drop down screen with headphones so that the front seat passenger could listed to their own music with the disturbance of sound from the back.Instead of DVDs they can also play Video from their smartphones which will keep the teenagers happy

By Keith Dipper 13 Jun, 2017
This discrete camera gives a clear view from the rear of the Brera so that obstacles are easily avoided. It is most useful in carparks where there are low barriers protecting trees etc.
By Keith Dipper 13 Jun, 2017
The Pioneer Avic F980Dab certainly impressed our customer In fact he returned later to have a reverse camera added (see next blog). The quick response of the Pioneer makes it very easy to use and of course means that using you phone in the car is legal since it is "Hands Free". With the added advantage of in built navigation and Dab radio the Avic F980 gives all round performance.
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